Wandering the Garage

The tribe was lost in the desert for a long time. Mickey kept them moving and did what he could to keep their spirits up, but the echoing darkness was vast. So long without food, his tribe teetered on the brink. The littlest ones cried and their mothers glared at Mickey in anger.

Dancing Mickey only laughed and kept dancing. “Keep going, the Promised Land is near.”

Out of the darkness arose a tiny, blinking light. As prophesied—“The LED will show you the way”—the way to an entire container of AA batteries; food for the chosen people at last.

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100 words, for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt:

PHOTO PROMPT © Sean Fallon

10 thoughts on “Wandering the Garage”

  1. Dancing Mickey only laughed. What a great line. It sounds like you’ve “been there, done that.”
    P.S. I think you’re missing a “keep” before “their spirits.”

  2. The LED will show you the way–LOL. Leading people out of the desert is always a worthy pastime it seems. Great take.

  3. I’ve wandered that garage late at night on many occasions, having forgotten where I parked the car – end of a 12 hour day, legs burning, feet on fire, kids in a zombie state – usually to the far Northwest corner. I liked your story.

    1. Dancing Mickey is a real toy (several toys, in fact). He turned up at the top of a “battery powered toy” search…and I liked him, so there’s our Prophet. ::nod::

  4. In my imagination, I pictured a group of battery-operated toys being led by one. Maybe I’m wrong or we were supposed to use our imagination so I did. Well written, though, Dave. 😀 — Suzanne

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