Dragon Slayer

“Malarkey, prepare to engage the enemy!”

Gunner’s mate second class Highjinks Malarkey was the only dwarf in the war fleet because his father owned the ironworks, and certainly not due to any latent sailing ability. His assignment was keeping the guns aboard HMS Spunky well oiled (to prevent rust) and well supplied with cannon balls (for obvious reasons).

For motivation, he drew upon more than 2000 fathoms of ocean water beneath his feet and the Dwarven race’s legendary negative buoyancy.

“Defeat the enemy or swim like a brick,” per his father’s salient marine advice.

The master gunner bellowed, “Dragons to starboard!”

Naturally, the swooping aerial handbags were difficult to fight with cannons. Malarkey gave his favorite gun Matilda an affectionate hug and elevated for every degree the gun ports would allow.

Malarkey held the friction primer cord and waited for a good target. The biggest flying lizard would only present a single clean shot at the right altitude…


“Mason, get downstairs right now.”

“But mom, there are dragons coming! They’ll burn the ship up.”

“Those are only seagulls; and we live in a lighthouse, not a warship. Now put down that slingshot right now and come to dinner. ”

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200 words, for this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction prompt:


Nasty Little Problem

The tiny knife hissed by Anastasia’s right eye and tinked off her headset. She swore softly and backhanded the malicious doll into the cockpit glass. The meurtre effigy sprang up and resumed threatening with its sickle arms.

“It can’t harm us as long as the sun’s up,” she reassured her pilot.

Her private Citation X thundered west of NOLA at 618 knots.

“Ease a few points north. Every degree of latitude reduces the necessary airspeed and buys us more time. This little bastard is weakening, it should lose animation soon.”

“Damn my Aunt Cassy and her hostile voodoo takeovers. I’m gratified she’s never learned to anticipate a technological response.”

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110 words, for this week’s Microcosms (10) prompt: billionaire/plane/horror

Selected co-winner of Microcosms (10). There’s probably a badge involved, once I figure out where to get it.

For my second read though of this week’s stories, this was the one I kept comparing all others too. This piece screamed Twilight Zone and the writing was detailed, yet tight. So much in so few words. In fact, I had to check the word count because it felt three or four times longer than it’s 110. That’s good writing.

–Brian S. Creek

Well, I realized this morning where my little murder-doll idea got into my subconscious. A little Karen Black picture (from 1975, I haven’t seen it in 40 years!) “Trilogy of Terror”. All three segments of this film–including the cool segment with the Zuni Fetish doll that chases a screaming Karen Black around her apartment with sharp things–are based on short stories written by Richard Matheson.

It was the very first Chuckie film, essentially.

It feels Twilight Zone because Matheson wrote sixteen Twilight Zone episodes, also “I Am Legend” (a.k.a. “The Omega Man”).