Republican Voters

Dear Republican Voters.


What’s happened to you?

Today’s news focused on 12 indictments of Russian Military members (GRU) involved in attacks against the 2016 election in America. Fox News didn’t cover it much, so perhaps you haven’t heard yet.

It’s beginning to look a lot like treason.

The GOP has responded with denials, and suggesting that they plan to impeach Rod Rosenstein for (unspecified) crimes? What did Rosenstein do that wasn’t his job? Doesn’t that reek of cover-up? The House Intelligence Committee concluded that there was nothing worth investigating, which wasn’t too long ago. Doesn’t that reek of cover-up? Incompetence? Complicity? Direct involvement?

Trump has responded by reaffirming his plans to meet with Vladimir Putin, go ahead with shaking the hand of the man behind the attacks on America. Doesn’t that reek of treason?

This isn’t a witch hunt, folks. Because there are actual witches here, not innocent and frightened women. There are senior members of the GOP involved, and there will certainly be senior members of the Trump campaign involved. If you believe what Roger Stone said yesterday, his contact within the Trump campaign was Donald Trump himself.

That’s not a Deep State conspiracy. That’s a Republican operative passing stolen intelligence directly to THE Republican candidate.

So why don’t Republican voters seem to care about any of this?

You’re getting your tainted Justices—number two! You’re getting Roe v Wade. You get to own the libs, wallow in the malice, roll around in the schadenfreude. Maybe you get your all-white Ethno-state, free of those pesky immigrants. You got your tax cut, and a fistful of tariffs that will eat up your profit with inflation that’s already begun. You got crippling national debt for your kids. You got your Messiah, if you’re a follower of Franklin Graham—even if Trump does turn out closer to Putin-approved than God-approved.

Whatever your motivation for voting Republican in the last election, what are you going to do now?

Is it time to close your eyes to Treason? Are you really ok with Putin, is he your buddy because Trump told you he is? How deeply does your partisanship go, do you still vote for a party of traitors next time around?

“But no Americans were directly named in these indictments.”

Do you seriously believe there won’t be any indictments of American Republican politicians coming in the future? Do you seriously believe the Trump Admin, which has been in full lie-and-conceal mode from the day of Inauguration can possibly be all smoke and no fire?

I’m just baffled. I don’t believe we can come out of this with more politics-as-usual. I do not see how voters on the Right cannot react in some way, unless they close their eyes and chant “it’s not happening, it’s not happening.”

You want to be patriots.

Stop concentrating on the wrong goals. This is a very big deal, much bigger than “owning” the Left.

What’s good for America? And what’s bad for it?

Do you honestly believe inaction is the answer to outside-corrupted elections?

Because the Trump Administration has done fuck-all so far to prevent it happening again, in 2018 and 2020. Why aren’t you, as a Republican voter, demanding to know why?