today was a good day

Finally, after five years or so, the greatest existential threat this country has faced in the last century is just… Gone. At last, no more daily drama, no more outrage, no more disgust (how could any feeling adult human behave like this?)

I feel like an abusive spouse survivor, who finally gets the restraining order or the divorce and just escapes a horrific, soul-crushing situation and a thoroughly toxic personality.

And things do look better already.

Today deserved a bit of celebration, so I bought a pie. Cherry. We deserve a little reward for surviving those last four years, don’t we?

I could write again. Probably won’t, but I could. I could paint again, tinker with the guitar, play games, discover a new hobby.

I’m not sure what exactly I’ll do, except that it will involve a lot more positive and a lot less worry.