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The bloated warthog who pilots this ship onto the rocks of despair--then turns around and sets sail for the Island of Lost Toys. Always wanted to go there!

Playing catch-up

Not because I must, but because I want the practice. Today’s post is dated April 15 (it’s Nov 7, so I have a lot of catching up to do)! That’s good, it will keep me posting…but the post-calendar is going to be très confused for a good long while!

Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

I’m Dave, one of the “Park”(s) in ParkInkSpot, and your host for this not-exactly-magical mystery tour. You can find a little bit more about me on the Narcissist pages (“About” and “Hobbyist”), if the ‘who am I’ is interesting to you. Old, married dude; I don’t expect it will be.

“Why am I here” is harder. In essence, I don’t much like the misanthropic guy I became. “Reclaiming Dave” is trying to reconnect with people, with fun, with younger me, my relations, friends, society…all kinds of stuff; it’s a pretty vague idea. We’ll be striving for more empathy and less grumpy. And much more contact.

That’s why I went full-public instead of some sort of live journal or whatever, to get out there where people are and roll around in ’em.

What this blog is “about” is way less clear. Not just about me (I hope!) My original tag-line was ‘a blog in search of a theme”–so maybe we’ll  find out what the *theme* of this here blog is together. Or maybe I’ll have a heap of disconnected ramblings.

But we won’t be able to say I didn’t give it a shot!

RecDave Seal

Ooh hey, the back-dating thing actually worked. Sweet. And dangerous, in the hands of a politician!