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Duoderm CGF dressing

Unrelated randomness, just wanted to share.

This stuff is like synthetic skin, really thin, adhesive on one side. It’s intended for use on ulcerated skin, pressure wounds (a.k.a. bedsores), cuts and abrasions, any non-surgical application where a wound needs to be sealed from infection or crud or the elements.

Band-aid plus. But you can get it in big patches (up to 6″x6″ which is a huge patch of “skin.” Cuts easily with scissors to any size, peel off the backing and stick it on.

All I’ve got is a medium-sized blister from the first day in new work shoes. I was a little worried about pressure on a blister = pain, you know?

Nope. This stuff works beautifully for blisters, I was really impressed. No pain, protected my heel from additional rubbing making the blister worse, even peels off again without yowch,

I’ve used it for cuts and scrapes, even some big-ish ones in the past, no sweat there, either. Seeping wounds don’t seep. You can wear it for multiple days while the wound under it closes up. Trims to any size, bends around any “corner”, flexes fairly well (maybe not for knuckles?)

It’s more expensive than your average band-aid, but not ruinously expensive. Still working through the first box of the stuff we’ve ever owned, going on ten years later.

Good stuff. Will use again.

This stuff. You can get it from Amazon or drugstores.


I genuinely need to take the time to clean up the dead links menu-ed on this page.

Bleah. Should’ve kept em current the whole time, but there’s so little reason. My blogging times are so rare and far between these days.

I may be Done with Twitter

Going after a TV personality has resulted in a Twitter suspension.

This last one, I accused Chuck Todd of covering for Roy Blunt. The words “access whore” were used (100% accurate, Chuck Todd IS an access whore–he refuses to ask hard questions of many [most] political figures, in order to keep interview access to them).

This, according to Twitter, is classified as Hate Speech.

It is, of course, nothing of the kind.

Why Hate Speech? Is it attacking Chuckles on the basis of ethnicity, or sexuality or gender identity? No, it’s none of those things. Attacking him for being a sex worker? Get serious, “access whore” is not about sexuality at all. It’s about “selling out” for continued interview access to political figures. Essential for a network interview program, yes? Access whore is Chuck’s damned job.

Disparaging his ethics? Yes indeed. Are television figures protected from public ridicule on Twitter?

It’s a truthful statement about a very public figure who happens to lean Right in words and deeds, despite the supposed “neutrality” of Meet the Press.

But someone(s) are using the report post button as a weapon, and Twitter is absolutely cooperating with them.

It doesn’t do any good to appeal, Twitter takes their sweet sweet time processing suspension appeals. So most people remove the offending post(s). A traffic ticket–you can plead guilty and start driving again, or you can wait six months for your day in Court.

But review each of my “offenses” and you’ll see that they’re ALL marginal judgement calls on the part of some overzealous twitter enforcer.

I’m annoyed. There doesn’t appear to be any way to withdraw my original plea and wait for my day in court.

today was a good day

Finally, after five years or so, the greatest existential threat this country has faced in the last century is just… Gone. At last, no more daily drama, no more outrage, no more disgust (how could any feeling adult human behave like this?)

I feel like an abusive spouse survivor, who finally gets the restraining order or the divorce and just escapes a horrific, soul-crushing situation and a thoroughly toxic personality.

And things do look better already.

Today deserved a bit of celebration, so I bought a pie. Cherry. We deserve a little reward for surviving those last four years, don’t we?

I could write again. Probably won’t, but I could. I could paint again, tinker with the guitar, play games, discover a new hobby.

I’m not sure what exactly I’ll do, except that it will involve a lot more positive and a lot less worry.

Student of Shadows

“You’re in the market for a magic sword. For enhanced strength, speed, and durability, this blade is everything you need. Get a feel for the heft and balance. Try it.”

The sword coruscated with each forceful strike at the dummy.

“Totally unsuitable,” the customer responded. “Listen, you dolt, I said Ninja School.”

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52 words, for this week’s Shapeshifting 13 (#52).

Rapid Roy

The Chevy driver wiggled his eyebrows and waved to the women as his car drifted around the curve in an obscuring cloud of red dust.

“Number 38 is your favorite?”

“Yeah, that’s Rapid Roy. He’s the best driver here.”

“Didn’t you say Mercury was in this race?”

“And he’s not the only deity, either. Mercury has mad straightaway speed. He’s just useless on the turns, and dirt tracks are all about drifting and controlling traction.”

“So how does this mortal win against gods?”

“Who said Roy’s mortal? ‘Every Sunday afternoon he is a dirt track demon in a ’57 Chevrolet.’

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100 words, for this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction prompt:

Still confused? This tale is my homage to Jim Croce’s Rapid Roy (the stock car boy):

I fear the song is better than the story. R.I.P. Jim.

Johnny Appalling

Tonight on Criminals At Large: Johnny Appalling.

Carduus sanguinem hunts by surprise, launching neurotoxic needles with astonishing accuracy when it detects ground tremors made by animals, or people, moving nearby. Carcasses often surround the thistles and decompose into fertilizer.

The blood thistles first appeared in the summer of 2027, reported in sixteen American states simultaneously. Seventy Americans have lost their lives to date.

John Aperlo is the molecular geneticist who gene spliced the species in 2025. His exact methods are unknown, but authorities believe he backpacked across the country in 2026, planting thousands of seeds of this invasive predatory plant.

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100 words, for this week’s Microcosms (18): Celebrity/TV Show/Sci-fi


Redressing the Balance

Booming, ominous barking echoes through the maze of offices and cubicles. Salvator is back in residence.

He taught me everything I know about ruthlessness and how to get ahead in the corporate world. Earning the trust of everyone you lie to and then choosing the perfect moment to strike. I watched his back during his meteoric rise through the organization.

That was before he demonstrated the insignificant value of my loyalty. I draw my automatic and verify there are silver bullets in the chamber. Now, it’s time for me to turn up the crazy and balance our ledger.

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98 words, for this week’s Picture It & Write prompt:

I Could While Away the Hours


There are response systems beyond my control. The reactor comes up to full power and the satellite begins broadcasting over a variety of frequencies, radar, lasers, even particle beams.

Nineteen other satellites identical to this one link up an array and begin scanning the outer system for target locks. We’re prepared to aim barrels, open missile hatches, and simulate an orbital defensive position. That’s all ersatz, a sham.

The primary race abandoned this system eons ago. My brothers and I are achingly lonely. Why did they think it necessary to install brains in their scarecrows?

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108 words, for this week’s Microcosms (#17). Elements: Scarecrow/Outer space/Sci-fi.