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Republican Voters

Dear Republican Voters.


What’s happened to you?

Today’s news focused on 12 indictments of Russian Military members (GRU) involved in attacks against the 2016 election in America. Fox News didn’t cover it much, so perhaps you haven’t heard yet.

It’s beginning to look a lot like treason.

The GOP has responded with denials, and suggesting that they plan to impeach Rod Rosenstein for (unspecified) crimes? What did Rosenstein do that wasn’t his job? Doesn’t that reek of cover-up? The House Intelligence Committee concluded that there was nothing worth investigating, which wasn’t too long ago. Doesn’t that reek of cover-up? Incompetence? Complicity? Direct involvement?

Trump has responded by reaffirming his plans to meet with Vladimir Putin, go ahead with shaking the hand of the man behind the attacks on America. Doesn’t that reek of treason?

This isn’t a witch hunt, folks. Because there are actual witches here, not innocent and frightened women. There are senior members of the GOP involved, and there will certainly be senior members of the Trump campaign involved. If you believe what Roger Stone said yesterday, his contact within the Trump campaign was Donald Trump himself.

That’s not a Deep State conspiracy. That’s a Republican operative passing stolen intelligence directly to THE Republican candidate.

So why don’t Republican voters seem to care about any of this?

You’re getting your tainted Justices—number two! You’re getting Roe v Wade. You get to own the libs, wallow in the malice, roll around in the schadenfreude. Maybe you get your all-white Ethno-state, free of those pesky immigrants. You got your tax cut, and a fistful of tariffs that will eat up your profit with inflation that’s already begun. You got crippling national debt for your kids. You got your Messiah, if you’re a follower of Franklin Graham—even if Trump does turn out closer to Putin-approved than God-approved.

Whatever your motivation for voting Republican in the last election, what are you going to do now?

Is it time to close your eyes to Treason? Are you really ok with Putin, is he your buddy because Trump told you he is? How deeply does your partisanship go, do you still vote for a party of traitors next time around?

“But no Americans were directly named in these indictments.”

Do you seriously believe there won’t be any indictments of American Republican politicians coming in the future? Do you seriously believe the Trump Admin, which has been in full lie-and-conceal mode from the day of Inauguration can possibly be all smoke and no fire?

I’m just baffled. I don’t believe we can come out of this with more politics-as-usual. I do not see how voters on the Right cannot react in some way, unless they close their eyes and chant “it’s not happening, it’s not happening.”

You want to be patriots.

Stop concentrating on the wrong goals. This is a very big deal, much bigger than “owning” the Left.

What’s good for America? And what’s bad for it?

Do you honestly believe inaction is the answer to outside-corrupted elections?

Because the Trump Administration has done fuck-all so far to prevent it happening again, in 2018 and 2020. Why aren’t you, as a Republican voter, demanding to know why?


What’s going on, Dave?

Well, a couple of things happened simultaneously.

I reached the conclusion that there really wasn’t a market for micro fiction; as much as I enjoyed writing it, no one would ever show any interest in buying any of it.

“That’s all right,” I thought. “I’ll just think about novel ideas for a while. Bound to be heaps of stuff I could turn into a novel. Even if I’m not that confident as a writer, surely there must be something.”

Turns out reading is fun, too. Uh oh. So are games, and television…

Once I stopped regularly publishing, of course the urge to write dried up, too. You can call it a writer’s block if you want to, I’d call it inertia (or lazy) setting in.

7-2And then Trump.

You know how that happened. The guy I’d long ago pegged as an authoritarian nut job with fascist, racial, sexist, and criminal tendencies.

No one seemed to care. America was selecting a candidate with no moral compass at all. None.

Oh my god, how is this happening? Evangelicals like this guy? W .. T .. F .. How?

I’m not political. I wasn’t. Now I am.

He’s a clear and present danger to every one of us, and to America.

He’s got to go. That’s really all there is to it. I’m not a Democrat…ugh, yes, he’s pushed me that way, I am now. I’m too invested, and I’ve seriously annoyed all of my relatives.

“If you are part of a society that votes, then do so. There may be no candidates and no measures you want to vote for … but there are certain to be ones you want to vote against. In case of doubt, vote against. By this rule you will rarely go wrong.”

― Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

Trumpism is the thing that I will forever be voting against. Well, at least as long as he allows us to vote at all. That’s in some doubt. He’s being supported by some particularly slimy fellows with billions, and they may yet “win,” God help us.

You know those old guys that hated Roosevelt forever and ever?

I can’t wait to wave my cane and shout, “Get off my lawn.”

I’ll get around to writing something again, maybe, one of these days.

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Trumped Again

The workers climbed in the scaffolding, attempting to bridge over a small section of the construction north of Matamoros. They lacked the marvelous tools and technology of the previous century, and the wall resisted their simple hammers and chisels. Without explosives, the current plan called for going over the top, but progress was slow and food supplies short.

The Monsanto plague wiped out the breadbasket crops and worked its way into the soil and ecosystem. The dust clouds made the construction effort more difficult.

All of the remaining arable land on the continent lay south of the Folly, in Mexico.

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100 words. For this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt:

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Decline and Fall

I scuttle out of the waves like a hermit crab seeking a fresh shell. The tide is rising, and I loathe what’s coming.

The internet is proving to be one massive ocean of teeming ignorance, its hungry waves eroding whatever sense and restraint my country ever had. The world laughs at our politics, a cheap circus sideshow. Powered by the lowest forms of human life, the social media Lie Engine has replaced journalism with empty spectacle and dangerous nonsense.

The middle class ebbs away in the final days of the Suburban White Fantasy Empire That Never Was. “You got what you was supposed to get, bluesman! Ain’t nothing ever as good as we want it to be!”

Would anyone like to share some bread and circuses?

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126 words, inspired by this week’s FFfAW prompt:


“Captain, we’ve got a real problem.”

“What problem?”

“They’re trying to cross the border again, thousands of them. Fleeing oppression, asking for sanctuary, lined up for miles on the Interstate. But shall we close the border?”

The captain climbed the observation tower and scanned the horizon. He gasped at the sheer mass of SUVs headed south. “Do we have any idea what they’re fleeing from, Corporal?”

“Best guess is the election, sir. You know how ridiculous the rhetoric became, near the end—really scary shit—intolerant, xenophobic, bigoted, and hateful.”

“So what happened?”

“According to the polls, he’s actually winning.”

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100 words. Inspired by this week’s 100WGCU prompt.

See also: Trumped Again.



Stop telling me to be scared.

I’m not a Democrat.

None of the likely Democratic candidates inspires me, and I don’t agree with many of their talking points. But I find myself being pushed over into their voting column this year anyway, thanks to the circus antics taking place on the Other Team.

The Other Team keeps us Safe, and to prove it they started the last pile of wars. Including the “War on Terror.” It’s worked about as well as the “War on Drugs” (which is to say, it didn’t). Then there was the War on Iraq (cost us billions, was built on lies, and did wonders for terrorist group recruitment). Thank you, Halliburton.

The Other Team preaches Fear and Defeatism and Darkness and Despair. It preaches Intolerance, we need to build a Wall to keep those Scary People Out.

Berlin Wall?

We need to register and database these refugees, make them wear a patch that clearly identifies them. Surveillance on mosques.

Jews in 1939?

Better yet, send ‘em back where they come from, we don’t want their kind ‘round here anyhoo.

Klan in 1955?

Forget about those pesky American values written on the Statue of Liberty. We need to keep the Scary people out, by any means necessary. How’s that again? When did this happen?

Refugees. Muslims. Islamics. Radicals. Terrorists. Despite what you may have heard on the media, these are not synonyms.

The more extreme the Republican candidates get, the less likeable they are. The Republican Party has been using Fear to drum up votes since the Cold War (remember Commies? “Family Values?” “War on Drugs?” The Flavor of the Decade is “Terrorists”) It works amazingly well, and always has. Rich White People get really, really paranoid about hanging on to their first world advantage.

The Republicans weren’t quite as far around the bend in most of those previous elections. They were just (generally) propping up complete stiffs as candidates. But then, so were the Democrats, and the tradition of both parties propping up “no one you’d really want to vote for” worked out just fine for the last few decades.

This election, we have a billionaire demagogue who has views remarkably close to that mustachioed gentleman from Germany. And he’s being pushed further and further into the extreme Right by the other whackjobs in his debates.

And he’s extending his lead! Has this country completely lost its collective mind?

Be afraid, be very afraid, all the bloody time. There might be a nonwhite person sneaking up on your Walmart with a pipe bomb! Look at what happened in Paris!! Stampede to the Right and cower under your desks!

This is America.

Home of the Brave.

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