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Miniature Crisis in the Bunyan Home

“How many times have I told him to clean up his room?”

“Now dear, he’s young. I certainly never kept my room spotless at that age.”

“I stepped on one of those little cars in the middle of the night, when he left it out in the hall. You heard the scream, those damned things hurt.”

“We’ve punished him for that already. Toy cars are just a phase that a lot of boys go through, if we’re just patient, he’ll outgrow it.”

“If I can talk Paul into it, I’m going to see if he’ll move them into the sandbox.”

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100 words. Inspired by this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt:

PHOTO PROMPT – © Jean L. Hays

Toum Enchanted Evening

Watching the vamp gang slaughter another teenage runaway, Grandpa only shook his head.

“One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach; all the damn vampires,” said Grandpa.

Edgar didn’t mind. They kept a shop near the train station, where they sold crosses and stakes. Even garlic t-shirts had briefly been a popular item. Garlic didn’t work on the local vampires, of course, but the tourists didn’t need to know.

Grandpa’s triangular, shark-like teeth tore flesh from the tourist’s leg. A perfect medium rare, and heavily slathered with Toum—a Lebanese garlic sauce—in the traditional Ghoul way.

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100 words. Inspired by this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt:

PHOTO PROMPT – © Kent Bonham

Twilight of the Gods

The high priest of Shamash contemplated the sun and bowed to the west, repeating the holy chant of the sunset. For three thousand years, the cult had been preparing for this season’s solstice, when the planets came into unique alignment and Shamash would be at his greatest power. The sacrifice was properly prepared and spread-eagled on the altar. All was as it should be.

A shadow crossed the altar moving from right to left…

The holy sunset blocked by the shadow of monstrous buildings!

Traction City Cleveland thundered southwest on titanic treads, starving for the oil fields of western Texas.

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100 words. Inspired by this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction prompt:

Science Fiction fans may have been exposed to mobile cities novels at some point (Cities in Flight, Mortal Engines, the Cyberiad, lots of steampunk titles).

Springing this one on the unsuspecting visitor at sunset… That feels like a cheat. But hey, it’s what I saw in this image!


Decisive Disadvantage

The Arcturan Battlecruiser appeared in the sky over Dumont, Iowa (pop. 636) without warning or radio contact one clear evening in August. The giant X-shaped vessel hovered silently over the baseball field, interrupting the Little League game where the Panthers were giving the Patriots a firm trouncing.

Unsure of the most prudent course of action, the Mayor called on Space Ranger William Dexter for guidance.

As ever, Bill and his faithful wonder-dog Artoo were eager to jump aboard the Starfighter Lunasee and do battle with the forces of Badness!

That is, unless the umpire called this next pitch a strike.

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100 words. Inspired by this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt:

PHOTO PROMPT – © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Automated Inquisition

The ringing of the bells is daily routine. While Friar Francisco y Campillo marched across the clock tower square back to the refectory, his right knee clicked annoyingly, creating a hitch in his normal stately march. Dry weather this week only made the condition worse.

He stopped for a moment to oil the sticking gear, and then whirred his way laboriously down the ancient torch lit staircase to the cell door.

Inside, a terrified young Portuguese girl cowered on the filthy, rat-infested hay. She screamed when the clockwork priest pointed a bronze finger at the stenciled sign reading: “Confess, Jew.”

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100 words. Inspired by this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction prompt:

Clock tower

How we arrived at this today’s tale is a kind of interesting mental connection journey.

I see ‘clock tower’, and a building that’s ‘a church’. Leading to “Priest”. “Clock tower” leads to “Clockwork”, then google produces an image of an automaton priest here. (Go look, he’s really creepy!) 16th century, really??

Oh yeah, creepy friar, 16th century, that’s totally Spanish Inquisition, right? The end of the Spanish Inquisiton and the early automatons actually overlap!! Wow. Oh yeah, this’ll be fun.

And, well, the Inquisition was much  less about Witches than it was about Crypto-Jews, and their expulsion from Spain. (Also some heretics and sodomists and assorted; plus a witch or two).

So yeah, that’s rather a lot of disparate elements to tie up in a hundred words but…

Here we are.


Glamourous* Living

“The kitchen is rustic and about 150 square feet.”

The real estate agent didn’t have to sell any more. Kathy already loved it! She’d always wanted a kitchen like this one. Spotless, it felt like a detergent commercial should be shooting!

“I’ll take it.”

“Thought you might,” purred the agent, and pointed out where Kathy should sign the paperwork.

Later, as Kathy was unpacking, dirty dishes appeared in the sink. The trash bin was overflowing. The kitchen doors and windows were sealed shut.

The agent greatly enjoyed her new vampire abilities, particularly the hypnosis. Trapping fresh meals was ludicrously easy.

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100 words. Inspired by this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt:


*Not a typo.

Witches go digital

It was the latest gadget, a replacement for those old-fashioned reflecting pools and crystal balls. As a bonus, it could even operate for several days between recharges.

“Do we still own stock in Alchemical Components Supply?”

“I don’t think so. Pretty sure mum sold off the last of it after my wedding.”

Beneficent wouldn’t stop examining the “fairest in the land” currently displayed in full color on the ScryPad™, a gorgeous semi-nude depiction of herself, reclined.

“Stop admiring yourself, you bloody narcissist.”

Angrat’s angry scowl replaced the previous image, and the brand new tablet promptly cracked—warranty voided, no refunds.

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100 words. Prompted by this week’s Picture It & Write prompt:

by Lily Little at flicker


Light up

The kids just stand quietly and stare with open mouths. I can’t imagine what it must be like to see the Pacific for the very first time.

At home on Mars, “oceans” are empty wastes of iron oxides and dust. These kids struggle to stand at one G, and they look horribly emaciated by our standards. Here in Malaysia, the gravity is triple what’s normal for them, and I fear a fall that snaps one of their Martian-thin leg bones.

Just one more stop before they go back to the military hospital. “O.K. kids, who wants some McDonalds and Marlboros?”

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100 words. Inspired by this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt:

It occurs that a little explanation may be in order–in Malaysia, kids are actively encouraged to become smokers. The cigarette companies wield enormous political and economic power over the Malaysian economy.

Work smarter, not harder

“Now we come to ol’ Prometheus. You probably remember his story, pissed off Zeus, chained to a big rock, eagle pecking out his liver, yada yada. Well, after Heracles came through, we had an unemployed titan wandering around for a while, so the Boss put him to work.”

Virgil indicated the big guy struggling against the weight of a titanic (literally) chain that his massively muscled shoulders supported.

“Though this is a new attraction, Boss says that Prometheus suffers from a classic Barnum problem—‘there’s a new one born every minute.’ Prometheus is the anchor for the Chain of Fools.”

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100 words. Inspired by this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt:

Night at the Museum

“Next up we have the Halls of Prehistory. This way,” said the museum guide.

Twenty second-graders shuffled in a line, paired up by “the buddy system.” Mrs. Pleasance, the children’s teacher, played tail-end wrangler, capturing strays and returning them to the main herd.

“Here we have the Dinosaurs, from 200 million years ago to about 66 million years ago. The dominant theory surrounding the extinction of the dinosaurs involved an asteroid impact at Chicxulub crater.

Our next extinct class is Mammalia, including Homo sapiens sapiens. The rise of the phylum Machinima displaced this clade. That means all of you, kids!”

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100 words, prompted by this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt:

PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy