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Wain’s World

I’ve been waiting for more than a thousand years.

Morgen was the daughter of the King of Avallach and Nyneve, the Queen you would likely know of as the Lady of the Lake. She who holds my twin, Caledfwlch, from whom I am forever bound yet separated.

Caledfwlch was hurled into the lake by one of the knights, and recovered by Nyneve. I was carried away by Morgen and then I vanish from the tales. While all mourn for the lost weapon, my healing magic may have been greater. Arthur needed me in the end.

But no one remembers the scabbard.

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Whine whine whine, wain. You don’t hear Excalibur bitchin’.

Thirteen steps to insanity

Thirteen steps. I watch myself appear at the bottom, climb up the thirteen stair steps, and disappear again at the top. Appear at the bottom, climb up the thirteen stair steps, and disappear again…

At the top of the stairs, there was a temporal lab. Doctor Jones was working on perfecting a time travel device, which was nearly finished. I was climbing the spiral stairs to bring his coffee.

Something must have gone horribly wrong. I appear to be trapped in a recurring time loop. I can only watch this same sequence happening over and over.

Appear at the bottom…

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Inspired by this Picture it & write image and Antigonish by Hughes Mearnes:

“Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there.”

Original image on abandoned-places.com.


Where the shadows lie

Better, I thought. This setup was so much better. Looking west, toward the ramparts. So much more modern, so much more efficient.

The last time was mainly a fluke. A bizarre series of coincidences and luck. Fate scheming against me, unfairly and to my detriment.

But as I admired the new fortifications, the new battlements, the new highway system, landing lights, communications towers—it was easy to forget, and to dismiss what happened last time.

My troops were ready and my plan secure, nothing could go wrong.

This time, I’d be certain to crush all of the damned hobbits first.

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Inspired by this Sunday Photo Fiction prompt:


Delicious and nutritious

Mary watched with fascination as the large spider webbed up her meal.

Difficult to tell exactly what sort of insect it was, perhaps was it sort of small beetle or large louse? The spider, having industriously captured it in her web, was busily poisoning it with digestive enzymes and scrambling over and around it, beginning the process of cocooning and preserving. This one would almost certainly become the host for her babies, once properly prepared.

Mary rapaciously watched the motion within the web. Regardless of the taxonomies involved, both spider and insect looked delicious to her—a western European hedgehog.

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Inspired by this Friday Fictioneers photo prompt.

Copyright – Douglas MacIlroy.

To die on Mars

Blood pooled around my feet as the hull metal popped and pinged, quickly cooling off. The Martian atmosphere is vanishingly thin, but that was by far the least of my problems.

The blood is from a structural member of my ship currently piercing my thigh. Not arterial, but I certainly wasn’t going to survive this, no chance, not out here alone. My ship’s atmosphere was leaking out through a massive hole and I watched the porthole frosting over as the temperature dropped.

I started to laugh when I saw the light shining through the frosted glass. Maybe I was mistaken.

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I would like to die on Mars. Just not on impact.“–Elon Musk

Inspired by this 100WordStory.org photo prompt:

Photo Credit: John Pierre Candelier https://www.flickr.com/photos/jpcandelier/

Imagine playing with trains

Leonard enjoyed playing with his train set quite a lot. The trickiest bit was near the end of a long downgrade, where the train had a tendency to pick up far too much speed. Leonard had to be particularly alert and ready switch off to a side rail to save the day. Fortunately, the switching went without a hitch, and the train barreled past on its new southern course. He leaned against the switchbox and watched his train roll past, whistling happily. Seven minutes later, the two trains collided head-on at full speed with more than hundred passenger casualties.

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Inspired by this image and title from this song. Hmm, several other scenes to work with out of those lyrics…heh heh chortle.

The War to End All Wars

The Kaiser had requested LZ-38 to fly over Dover and Ramsgate on 16-17 May, 1915.

Waldo and Rudolph worked their way stealthily toward the back of the gondola. They crept silently back through the packed crates to the observation deck aft of the bomb bay.

The navigator said this morning they’d be directly over Dover Castle just after sunrise. Rudolph crouched silently, watching the target coming into view.

With a nod to Waldo, Rudolph rose and the pair released their payloads. Falling, slowly falling…

Bullseye! An Englishman stood below, angrily shaking his fist skyward; drenched by water balloons!

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(Originally wanted to go steampunk…maybe with a longer story. Annie wanted to shoot arrows at the pedestrians! She’s mean!)

Inspired by Sunday Photo Fiction:

View of one of the outbuildings from the roof of Dover Castle

Incidentally–In the real WWI–LZ 38 also attacked Dover and Ramsgate on 16–17 May, before returning to bomb Southend on 26–27 May. These four raids killed six people and injured six, causing property damage estimated at £16,898.

My WWI was much more friendly.


Arsonist Interruptus

But I promised a superpowers genre tale for Flush the Fiction, so here you go:

He billed himself as the Human Fireball. Generic name for a weak pyrokinetic. All that he could really do was light things he was touching aflame. He could light himself too–but that cost him a fortune in clothes, so he usually didn’t.

Lorelei was tending bar that night when he got drunk and lit it. All of those flammables—first thing, she tripped the sprinkler system. After the fire was out, she took his face between her hands and kissed him deeply.

When he crumbled to arid dust, she swept him into a dust pan. Don’t upset an aquamancer.

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Oddly enough, this tale was inspired by this image:

Photo credit: http://www.fujifilm.co.nz “Sample Images” FUJINON LENS XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS

That turned up on Google’s first images page with the search term “image”. That’s random, no? (Hell No.)




You make bath time lots of fun

You never stopped to think about it, did you?

Just a toy for your child, a plaything. Cheap, plastic, made overseas. Your toy shop carries many similar toys, sold in bargain bins by the hundreds, all of their myriad varieties. You can even impulse-buy one on your way out of the store. Suitable for the smallest youngsters; too large to be swallowed or a choking hazard, soft enough to offer no threat of injury. Rubber Duckies are a bath-time staple, have been for many decades.

But you never stopped to consider if “waterproof” means we can’t be drowned.

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Inspired by this photo plus my sick mind. And Ernie, o’course.

The Ocean

I have a nice ocean view, looking out from my cliff-top dwelling. It used to run in the neighborhood of a mill and a half, back when money still mattered. The real estate agent even told me that a minor celebrity from the 40s owned it once.

I’ve got that marvelous storage space, enough food to last me several years.

The ocean of zombies roaming around down on the beach can’t get up to me. Not after I cut the only access, the suspension bridge, from this end.

But I am running terribly short on shells for the sniper rifle.

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