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Micro Attraction

In the furthest corner of the abandoned theme park, there is a tiny building. Its boards are weathered, paint flaking away. Around it lies a vast, flat, empty expanse of blacktop stretching away in all directions.

The wall of this tiny building contains a window. It is barred, like a prison cell, and inside is nothing but blackness which no light penetrates. To the right of this window hangs a poster, in lurid circus colors:

“See the Borneo Vampire Boy, accused in the deaths of 25 innocents!”

Over the barred window hangs a simple sign:

“All Night Parking, 10 cents.”

parkinkspot sq logo

For this Flush the Fiction, I attempted to hit 100 words exactly (as tallied by Scrivener). Much more limiting than I imagined. Hat’s off to Adam Ickes, his Tiny Tales are even more impressive to me now.

This piece was inspired by a piece of Deviantart, this one by ValaVala, that I stumbled on while browsing.