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I might have mentioned that Brad’s some kind of très buff fitness robot machine (he’s a personal trainer)…? (Dad’s a flab machine, so don’t ask me where he gets it.) He’s got some ridiculously-crazy-low body mass index…and not much body mass, compared to those weights. (He weighs 140 to 150, lifting more than double his own weight here)

Anyway, Annie followed him setting up and lifting 360 at his gym for the “Achievement” photo assignment.

Update: Annie turned one of these (the second image, I think) into refrigerator magnets. For all of his female admirers? Stocking-stuffers? Personal trainer business promos? Heck, I dunno.

Here’s some samples:

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I’ve botched up the order, but ya’ll get the idea.

All photos by Annette Park, ©2014 and all that rot. Mitts off!


Rochester (III)

Rochester was the (for me at 20-something) dream car; cheap, low-maintenance, took a licking and kept on ticking. He was ugly as sin (kind of a puke green, boxy, square-ish body), but I don’t hold that against him too much.

Rochester was a 1977 Dodge Dart. A low-powered but very, very stable slant-6 engine (stock). Bench seats, front and back. Big, kind of cubical trunk. Box with wheels.

But damn Rochester just kept going and  going and going. After a series of costly cars, it was a relief to have one that didn’t suck money out of my wallet every other week. As old as he already was when I acquired him, that was a really, really unexpected bonus. Reliable; feed him a quart of oil now and then, and he just wouldn’t give you any trouble at all.

Rochester was the car I was driving when I met Annie. Thanks to Rochester, I was able to volunteer a ride home when she needed one. (Smooth!) Thanks to that Meatloaf cassette, I didn’t stumble over my own tongue too much on the trip…and thus failed to scare her away. (“Ain’t no doubt about it”).

And he kept us going, without embarrassing breakdowns or incidents, all through courtship. Unlike my other cars, he didn’t even endanger us at any time, what a guy!

We did finally kill Rochester. While driving Annie home in December, Rochester finally gave his dying gasp and blew a rod…that slow oil leak, simple age maybe. He was pretty decrepit at that point. We had to hike across a sub-zero corn field through the snow to borrow a phone (no cell phones, kids!) which was an adventure in Wind Chills…but the nice folks let us in and kept us warm until help arrived.

So remember Rochester fondly, he gave his all for us. :sniff sniff:

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