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Ahrrrr, that be a problem.

Captain Levasseur was pleased with his vessel rolling out of drydock. His crew would be eager to begin plundering the Main at once, and the “Arabella” would be perfect.

She was a three-masted barquentine, fitted with a square foremast and mizzen rigged fore-and-aft. A beautiful ship, and with proper rigging and supply she’d be much faster than the slow moving Spanish vessels. And with her crew of ninety and eight-pound guns, she would be more than a match for any lightly armed merchantman.

Except— It would be difficult to scourge the seas from inside this bottle.

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Inspired by this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction image:

(actually, I believe that image is a straight-up Barque because the mid-mast is rigged Square, but I’m hardly a nautical expert)… let me ask Ken.