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Rooting for Dudley

At risk is an unbroken streak lasting several months—of daily blog entries. That certainly doesn’t sound like any big deal, to some of you, but it’s an established pattern that gets me out of bed and eagerly preparing to write.

But there’s always the possibility that no prompt will appear. It’s happened before, the looming spectre of a missing prompt, or a pingback issue. Of course, we can stand on our own feet and create our own topics…but what happens to the audience? Some of them link in through DP (and DP alone), many newer blog readers would probably never discover us at all if not for those pingback lists.

The villain is irregular delivery. By all available evidence, someone needs to arrive at work, log on, and launch the next post. I know, because most mornings, I check in at 7 A.M. (my time), and a fresh prompt is waiting. Except on the days when there isn’t. Someone’s morning coffee chat ran a little long? Traffic delays? That Starbucks crew failed?

We don’t know, we’re never told.

So there are days (as today) when the villain captures my prompt, and ties Sweet Nell to the railroad track of uncertainty. He twirls his mustache and poses for the camera, in his black cape.

Will Dudley Do-Right arrive in time to save the day?

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s thrilling conclusion!

parkinkspot sq logo

As of this moment, Snidely Whiplash looks like he’s going to get away clean. A travesty of Canadian Justice!

Robyn, how did we do?

Better late than never?

So… (a needle pulling thread)

I honestly have no idea what’s going on with the folks over at DP.

But their performance level on our beloved Daily Prompts has been really shoddy, since just before the new year.

Missing prompt days…Jan 3, Jan 6 (so far). Following the fun with the non-functioning pingbacks… And according to Madame Angloswiss, the prompts they aren’t missing are “repeats” anyway.

Not meaning to sound ungrateful; they’ve provided an awful lot of good post fodder. But maybe they’ve moved on? Maybe they’re concentrating on other projects? Perhaps it’s a “set up this software to run on automatic” fault, and it isn’t running properly? Whole staff (even the remote crew) is still not back from vacations?

There’s something going on. If anyone has any light to shed, feel free.

But I’ve got other posts and topics to spend my morning coffee on, I suppose. It just seems a shame, to let a little ‘community’ they had started wither away to attrition.

I’ll keep an eye on DP and  hope for the best, of course. But now I feel sad. Odd how you can forge a little daily coffee habit from someone else’s site. Co-dependence, it’s bad bad bad anyway, right? Heh.

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