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Passion Q2

  1. End Goal

How will I know when I’m living a passionate life?

 I can only list some of the properties of happiness and inspiration. Not all of these things would be required as “stop, you’ve made it”, an end goal. It would be enough to be making progress toward that vaguely-painted (non-existent?) finish line. Some properties that would indicate progress:

  • Work that’s independent of place (or at least a happily short commute)
  • Work that inspires, creates a-ha moments—pleased to do more every day
  • Work that provides for my family—not wealth, but security and independence
  • Reduction of stress and worries
  • Increased inspiration and excitement
  • Life that feels smooth, rather than a continuous uphill climb.

Does listing things indicate a computer brain, or just terrible writing? Why would it matter if I write poorly, will anyone ever read this thing but me?

When I find my passion, my life will be…

More joyful in general, more independent, more easy-going, less prone to first-world worries.

When I find my passion, I will feel…

Deeply relieved and inspired for the future.

I will know I’ve found my passion when…

I can grab life and shake it, without knocking any sharp edges loose.


If you don’t know what you’re after, or where you’re going, chances are that you won’t end up where you want to be.

That’s certainly a worry here, as a lot of these questions are conceptual…and a lot of the answers somewhat vague. I only hope that more writing and thought produces more clarity, eventually. Is it odd that I don’t feel strong enough, as a writer, about expressing myself in these answers? I keep re-reading the text in the book, looking for clues (someone else’s answers)…wrong, wrong, feels wrong.

I’ll work on dealing more straight from the deck, in the future. Sorry, me.


Passions Q1

(Feels like cheating, but I have several of these edited already…so…yay, first blog day crazy post count!)

1 The Definition Trap

 How do you define passion?

Passion for me means…

Drawing happiness and joy from activities; waking up and looking forward to the day. Enjoying what I am doing so much that it’s difficult to put it down, the “I need to stop or I’ll work on this all night” feeling. Creation, exploration, engagement, learning something new, going somewhere, eager interest, enthusiasm.

Passion for my friends and family means…

Spending time together and laughing, enjoying fun-and-together activities. Usually outdoors, out of the office, get outside and see the sunshine. No cares, no stress, and lots of smiles.

When I’m living a passionate life, it looks…

Like the next day should be even better than today.

When I’m following my passion, I feel…

Like I never want to stop, like there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing. But it will still be waiting if I decide to detour for a day, or a week.


My passions seem to feel (to me) primarily Ludus; playful, fun, exciting, adventure. It’s what I feel when I have an epiphany, a great idea or the next a-ha project. And, of course, ideally they would grow and develop into Storge—lifelong, lasting loves and/or Agape—success and security.