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Kind of a rustic attitude, Frank.

The famous song has things exactly reversed:

If I can make it anywhere, I can make it there.

The ideal way to ‘make a living’, as I see it, is entirely location-independent. The goal isn’t to live in some keen place with an ideal job, the goal is to be able to do the job from anywhere at all.

Suddenly you are freed to travel anywhere, any time. See the world.

Yep, you could dance down Broadway in New York. Or leave your heart in San Francisco. Troop through Allentown, singing an American tune. Relax in sweet home Alabama, experience the Rocky Mountain high. Eat noodles in China Grove, or go down to the Crossroads and fall down on your knees. And don’t forget Funkytown, or Detroit Rock City.

Got laptop? Got places to go and see?

This is not your dream? Well, if you do find the ideal place to park your laptop for a while, you haven’t really lost anything. But we know that 99% of the world is chained in one spot by their jobs. Does it make any sense to aspire to it?

RecDave Seal

Maybe our definition of “Make It” needs work.