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Honesty is such a slanted word

Well, I’ve become far more conscious of how much time, energy and news is being generated by bloggers worldwide. Particularly on political fronts; people devote hundreds of thousands of words daily to slanting events towards one party or the other, or conservative vs liberal.

It was always there, but I guess I just never really noticed before just how much dedicated tub-thumping is happening. Anyone with a flag to wave can instantly draw thousands of likes (and thousands of comment-trolls too).

I’ve gained a new respect for news organizations who attempt to present any sort of news without slant. Of course, according to some people, there aren’t any. Which just goes to demonstrate just what a difficult job it is.

I’ve been watching mob-journalism and trial-by-internet growing more prevalent. And that’s crazy scary, that the most hysterical voices are driving all of the debates, because they have laptops and huge audiences waiting to say “Yeah! Me too! Rabble Rabble!”

And I’ve noticed how many breakfasts I’ve been missing because of these prompts.

RecDave Seal

Where have you been, Dave?

What’s the most important (or interesting, or unexpected) thing about blogging you know today that you didn’t know a month ago?