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Iceberg! Hard to starboard!

Poseidon stirred the wine in his kylix with a miniature of his famous trident. The resulting vortex capsized several Egyptian merchant ships in the eastern Mediterranean.

Bored, his attention wandered. The worst thing about the mortal world is just passing the time. Oh, the sacrifices and annual virgin quotas were all right, but where’s the challenge?

He toyed with the miniature of his latest sea monster, the dread cold beast Freyon. The monster looked like an iceberg (at least the small part above the waves).

Hmm, is that a cargo barge departing Athens? I’ve always hated Athens.

“Sic ‘em, beastie!”

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Inspired by this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction prompt.

Waves engulfing a lighthouse (that’s a lighthouse?)

I see a barge + iceberg. (Oh, helps to view the image at full size, guess that is a wave). Like mine better!