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The perfect day

The Perfect day might already be shot.

Difficult to explain: My perfect day involves no responsibilities, no obligations, no special plans, nothing that needs to be accomplished (except things I genuinely want to do, of course).

But I need (<–a danger word that indicates a value of ‘fun-negative’) to nip out and do a little bit of shopping.

Bzzzzzt! Don Pardo: “We’re sorry, but thank you for playing, and please accept these lovely consolation prizes as you go.”

Shopping isn’t one of those ‘enjoyable’ activities. It’s damned cold outside, and I need to get dressed and go out in it. Brrr-rrr. (Collecting a lot of fun-negative expressions, see?)

Optimism: Still, maybe a truly perfect day isn’t possible. But maybe, after the quick shopping trip is quickly knocked off the list, we can get back to enjoying the rest of the day!

Bzzzt! “You forgot about those dishes waiting in the sink.”

Dammit! Being a grown-up sucks.

Bzzzzt! “Remember, your car needs gas.”


The perfect day is drained away by the application of a series of minor irritants?

Well, only if you rely on absolute expressions like “perfect” and “ruined”. This is how pessimists wreck their lives; black and white, on or off, binary thinking, bifurcation. It’s a bad habit and bad thought process (that I surrender to far too frequently). Perfectionists feel if the entire day isn’t…well, perfect…it’s all just totally “ruined”. Perfected or wrecked. No grey area between.

I can get all these things done, and still have a “Pretty Damn Good” day. A minus, almost as good as A plus!

And maybe collect some valuable Wife Points as a bonus! Trade them in for Cash and Prizes. Sweet!!

Need to go get that shopping and run-around done now, later folks.

RecDave Seal

What’s your idea of a perfect day off: one during which you can quietly relax, doing nothing, or one with one fun activity lined up after the other? Tell us how you’d spend your time.

Don’t chase Perfection and just enjoy it



Edit: Post-Run-Around Update

Well, it was cold, as expected (fun-minus). On the other hand, it was bright and sunshine-y, rather that the usual Chicagoland gray, grey, grae (fun-plus). Got parked in for a little while by a landscaping truck (fun-minus), but the gas tank was less hungry than I expected (fun-plus).  All in all, a solid “meh” experience. Call it a wash.

Now, on to those dishes (le sigh).


AndaPandaStarEdit: Update Part Deux

Turns out Annie did the dishes last night, so there were relatively few left from this morning, and they were quick to knock out. Which made me all thoughtfully happy and maybe a little bit smarmy even.

So I’ve been mucking around doing a quicky-illustrator cool beans medal of honor (or something) badge…cause I’m a doofus for stuff like that, and it’s more fun than watching idiot box.

You know, the day’s not turning out too bad after all; a wise man would learn something from that.

Good thing there aren’t many of those ’round here.