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Day Ten: Dress Up Your Sidebar

Today’s assignment: add and/or customize two widgets. If you want to write a post, try something shorter-form.

Well, a short post certainly isn’t ever a problem.

I skipped a couple of days in the 101 course schedule, since I’m so far behind and still playing catch-up, anyway. And they were projects I’d already done or toyed with on my own.

So (FF button) here we are on day 10. New widgets cluttering up the sidebars. We’ve got the

photo gallery slideshow thang <–over there ,
and the ‘My customers’ thang –>over there


Not sure I like all of the clutter that’s building up all around us, or even double sidebars at all. I may dump some things, and/or move to a roomier reading environment, single sidebar. We’ll see.

Whatta you guys think?

RecDave Seal