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If my memory is correct, it’s at least 2400 miles from here to Santa Monica.

That doesn’t sound that far. Unless you’re on foot.

None of Route 66 exists yet. In Illinois, I stand with Lake Michigan at my back and face an expanse of tallgrass prairie that’s pretty much the limit of attractions—at least until I cross the Mississippi River, in the vicinity of where St. Louis will be some day.

It’s difficult to judge how far off-target the Chronos Device dropped me. I haven’t seen any indigenous people at all. At least a millennium too soon?

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Inspired by Friday Fictioneers prompt for this week:

PHOTO PROMPT – © Copyright Jean L. Hays

Thirteen steps to insanity

Thirteen steps. I watch myself appear at the bottom, climb up the thirteen stair steps, and disappear again at the top. Appear at the bottom, climb up the thirteen stair steps, and disappear again…

At the top of the stairs, there was a temporal lab. Doctor Jones was working on perfecting a time travel device, which was nearly finished. I was climbing the spiral stairs to bring his coffee.

Something must have gone horribly wrong. I appear to be trapped in a recurring time loop. I can only watch this same sequence happening over and over.

Appear at the bottom…

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Inspired by this Picture it & write image and Antigonish by Hughes Mearnes:

“Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there.”

Original image on abandoned-places.com.