About Dave

Dave’s Amazon Author Page.

Dave has no idea how to write an “About” page, regardless of subject matter. Some people construct innovating, charming paragraphs that describe themselves perfectly, with brevity and whimsy. Dave isn’t one of those.

Dave doesn’t parasail, or skydive, or rock climb, or scuba dive, or any of those other “hey I’m interestingly outdoorsy” hobbies. He isn’t one of those people, either.

He’s a first-generation computer nerd, avid reader, and introvert. He still doesn’t Grok this whole Social Media thing very well. The entire “social” concept might be beyond him, for that matter. He displays remarkably misanthropic tendencies, and his spouse has described him as a “grumpy old hermit.”

Dave overuses commas, botches ellipses and sometimes talks about himself in third person. Isn’t that a rubber room signal?

He lives with his wife Annie in the Chicagoland area. Brad (their son) is a recently emancipated 20-something who is chasing his own vision of personal trainer micro-Hulk fulfillment for a paycheck.

We’re still not entirely sure where Brad got those genes.

Dave does do Selfies
Dave doesn’t do selfies
Summer 2014, Brookfield Zoo. Aging fast, Dave...have you noticed how much you look like your Dad?
Summer 2014, Brookfield Zoo. Aging fast, Dave… Have you noticed how much you look like your Dad?
1994. The tiny one is Brad.
1994? The tiny one is Brad.

24 thoughts on “About Dave”

  1. Hello to you, ‘grumpy old hermit’. You sound too much fun to seriously hibernate all year. And being a computer nerd is perfectly OK. My youngest son is one of those. Thank you for following me. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts, and maybe we’ll chat on some of the FF challenges. I do a few myself – although I hadn’t done the Ermilia one for three weeks until today. I’m also an avid reader, mostly historical fiction, which is also what I write. Have fun! 🙂

  2. Seeing as I have a granddaughter almost as old as your son, I totally grok the “grumpy old hermit” thing. Thanks Dave, for reading my my post It’s the Little Things that Count so glad you liked it.

  3. Some of my best friends are nerds…in fact one of my kids is too!
    Thank you for following my blog Dave. I follow ParkinkSpot (love that name!)

  4. Hi Dave- I always enjoy reading your stories and would love to know more about your writing, so I have nominated you for the Blog Tour Award. You answer four questions where get to tell everyone about what you’re writing and your writing process. Here’s the post – if you would like to join the tour! Thanks, Az.

  5. Hello Dave! Many thanks for the follow and looking forward to exploring more of your posts! Already enjoying your “Effete fiction”. Meilleurs voeux! 🙂

  6. This is a totally wonderful “About” page. You sound fascinating. Plus, anyone who uses “grok” casually in a sentence is my kind of person/writer. And anyone who has a tagline “I may make you feel, but I can’t make you think,” has my vote for wonderful blogger awards (although I do not really grok those). Tull and Heinlein references — those aren’t usually found in the same person.

  7. Thanks for the visit to my blog. I just wanted to wish you an early Happy New Year. May you find much renewed fulfillments in your blogs this New Year and may your blogging families ever increase. Blessings. Roger

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