Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?

Mrs. Black cancelled the third grade field trip to the Botanical Gardens due to the rain. After selecting an alternate, her class headed to the Field Museum instead.

The Field’s arachnologist, Dr. Barrowdale, stopped mid-presentation and exclaimed, “Marybelle has escaped!”

“Our Brazilian Wolf Spider, Lycosa raptoria. She is one of our finest specimens. Please, children, look about you very carefully and watch where you step.”

Pointing at the doorframe, Rebekah said, “She’s up there.”

Dr. Barrowdale quickly and calmly recaptured Marybelle.

“Thank you, young lady. You must have sharp eyes.”

“It was obvious. The wolf is always at the door.”

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100 words. For the inaugural launch of Microcosms 1 (the prompts are biologist/rainy day/drama and it’s in homage to recently closed flash competitions (Flash! Friday, Three Line Thursdays, and Micro Bookends).


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