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I have to make some reference here to Elanthia again (sorry).

Because I’ve already done some lexicography. These guys, and these. Wearing my Lemandria face, I developed the orbit math for the earth/moon system of Elanthia, including all  of the moons.

Based on some earlier work by GM Varevice, I worked up the lunar orbits (really simplified, true-circle orbits) in a GWBasic program called moons.exe (or something similarly fascinating).

The constellations (including the lame little illustrations) are pure Lemmy. Photoshop 3, I think.

Anyway, a year or two later GM Smite hunted me down on the moons; he was working on a project to put the moons “in the sky”, so to speak, the phases “visible” at any given time, for anyone who knew the right verb.

So he asked for my source for Moons.exe, and we worked out a simplified way to use easy repeating cycles to represent it in Elanthian math in GSL (no cosines or basic trig functions). We hammered it out, and he did the GSL.

I wasn’t a dev GM yet, at that time. Didn’t get involved in that until years later.

The “official” version of the moons document was also hammered out later, based on my original luna-lexicography (is that a word?) I did from a purely roleplay (Lemandria) perspective for the Coven. Cleaned up and posted with much improved graphics.

Anyway, boring story. But there you go. My first and only adventure into Lexicography, writing up those lunar descriptions (and tides and whatnot) for the original Coven versions of the Moons document.

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Play Lexicographer

A lot of work I did for fun, as a player, ended up becoming “official” in the Simutronics universe. Then they hired me, and I did more 😛


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