Annie responded with two photos for the topic “Ephemeral”.


In Philadelphia, she got a 15 foot cobra to “hood” briefly. Caught at a nearly ideal moment.


And a recent eclipse, “ephemeral” by definition. 300mm lens, just begging for a telescope. Astronomical viewing in Chicagoland always gets a lot of light pollution anyhoo.


Out of Business Sale

Johannes sighed and closed shop. Another day wasted on the folding chair at the airport, not making any sales at all.

It seemed such a natural, perfect idea for a business. This was Sin City, the modern Gomorrah—surely the perfect location, right? He just couldn’t understand why the product wasn’t selling here. The occasional impulse buyer, curiosity purchase, and souvenir hunters kept sales feebly limping along. While there wasn’t any overhead to speak of, he just couldn’t make enough money to eat.

Even the stolen illuminated Vatican stationery hadn’t helped. No more “Official Papal Indulgences For Sale—Fifty Dollars.”

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Inspired by this week’s Velvet Verbosity prompt: Indulge