How much do you know about sousaphones?

“Not much,” is the usual answer from an average person on the street. The dorky kids in your school band played sousaphones or tubas.

Did you come to hear our band playing tonight?

I’ve got the dork-plus instrument, the sousaphone with the fiberglass bell. Cheaper and lighter, the entry-level version of the instrument. It doesn’t even sound identical, whatever the manufacturer claims.

The spoiled brat next to me is the conductor’s kid. He’s playing real brass. I hate him for it.

Did you know that brass conducts electricity very, very well?

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Inspired by this week’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt:

PHOTO PROMPT ©David Stewart

25 thoughts on “Gazebo”

    1. When you’re dealing with current, that’s not always certain. What if the sousaphone player screws up and gets more (or less) current than he intended?

  1. My answer to the sousaphone question would be ‘not much’ I’m afraid. I love the narrative voice and the line about brass conducting electricity at the end is great. I have to wonder whether there’s a storm approaching or is he making plans…?

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